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Subsidized Programs

Are you interested in subsidizing your business through an NSRF?

The UPGRADE Consulting and Training assumes the inclusion of businesses in subsidized programs and the integrated management of approved investment proposals (ESPA 2014-2020).

The UPGRADE Consulting business consultants and Training assume finding funding for your business. We undertake everything necessary for your inclusion in subsidized ESPA programs, depending on your program of interest Our consultants help you plan and implement your investment.

So far we have managed ESPA programs on behalf of dozens of companies from all sectors.

More specifically the activities of Upgrade Consulting and Training include:

  • The Design, Development and Implementation of Development Programs and Absorption of EU funds in Greece and abroad.
  • Providing information services on Community Programs
  • Design of all studies necessary business studies (Business Plans), feasibility studies, financial studies, competition studies etc.
  • The Management Processes and Financial Monitoring Project
  • The financial policy of the Community institutions in each country within and outside the European Union
  • The Financial Management and Project Monitoring
  • Continuous guidance and protection from errors and solve problemshW

Why choose Upgrade Consulting and Training:

  • 100% effectiveness in registered programs at all subsidized programs over time
  • Person-centered approach and dedication to each customer
  • Continuous updating of customer and support the objectives of
  • Flexible pricing policy, adapted to current Greek reality
  • Implementing development strategies based on customer objectives based on actual needs, combined with appropriate financial tools
  • Providing high quality services

Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2014-2020

The total budget of 400m euro aims at strengthening existing small and very small enterprises to upgrade and improve their competitive position in domestic and foreign market by investing in the modernization of their production equipment and the certification of their products.

Quality Modernization

The total budget of 150 million euro aims to improve the competitiveness of medium-sized businesses, investing in their production modernizing and standardizing systems & amp; certification.

Step Digital - Digital Leap

The two financial measures with a budget of € 50.000.000 each designed to strengthen your digital identity and technological infrastructure existing micro, small and medium enterprises.

Technology coupons for small enterprises

The action aims to strengthen existing small enterprises through market innovative T. P applications. C. In order to strengthen the ICT component of the application, as a key supporting technology, to achieve improvements in productivity terms and promotions from businesses.