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Consulting Services

UPGRADE Consulting and Training is a dynamic company in the Management Consulting firms and project design team, providing a wide range of consulting services Management, Marketing, project management, design team work etc.


UPGRADE Consulting and Training enables diagnosis of your consulting needs through a comprehensive needs your tracking questionnaire.

Systems Development Management Staff Performance

UPGRADE Consulting and Training provides customers Performance Management Systems to improve operational efficiency by improving team and individual performance.

Organization and Development Sales

UPGRADE Consulting and Training and  provides Development Organization services of a sales network which strengthens and strengthens business relationships with other companies to create mutual benefits and obligations.


UPGRADE Consulting and Training, applying modern assessment system contributes to performance assessment and registration process each employee-driven strategic business options.

Business Plans

Studies Business Plans undertakes UPGRADE Consulting and Training in order to determine the business directions and strategic operational axes on which will move in the near future the company.

Development of Quality Assurance Systems ISO

UPGRADE Consulting and Training methodically leads your business to the successful organization of the management systems needed to improve your competitiveness.

Market research

Market research is an integral part of business strategy, and with the help of research officers of a company can rely on it and solve major strategic problems.


Franchising Study Services provides the UPGRADE Consulting and Training: a) System Design Manual Operation Franchise (Manual), b) Presentation System Franchise to potential investors, c) Support and Development Partner Network

Business Organization and Organization

Upgrade Consulting and Training organizes the key areas of the company (Sales, Marketing, Management, Human Resource Management) in order to respond successfully to improve.

Corporate Valuation Studies

The valuation of a company is by nature a complex process that requires market knowledge, analytical skills and critical ability. UPGRADE Consulting and Training, having the ability and knowledge, offers its services to customers.