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Systems Development Management
the Staff Performance

UPGRADE Consulting and Training through specialized Performance Management System aims to improve operational efficiency by improving team and individual performance. The embodiment of a delivery system (such as the Balanced Scorecard, etc.) allows a business to implement the vision and the strategy of efficiently introducing a performance indicator measuring system that combines and reinforces the administration system.

Objectives of Performance Appraisal Systems:

  • Objective evaluation of employees, through their cooperation and participation
  • Full utilization of employee potential by harmonizing individual and business objectives
  • Create merit and stimulating working environment

Benefits of Performance Appraisal Systems:

  • Seeks continuous development of staff through training and development programs following the assessment
  • Improve communication and cooperation between evaluator and evaluated
  • Facilitate the feedback process
  • Maximize stimulation and self-control staff

Performance Appraisal Systems where UPGRADE Consulting and Training adapts to the needs of each business:

System Balance Business Scorecard (BBS)

Performance evaluation method based on four key pillars: financial results, customers, human resources management and internal procedures / organization. It includes common categories of targets for all employees, regardless of location, geographical area, job cuts etc.

System Management By Objectives (MBO)

Performance evaluation method based on the principles and philosophy of Management By Objectives (Management Objectives By). Includes setting specific, measurable and motivational objectives, the jobs are possible.

Competency Based Evaluation)

The system concerns the general evaluation criteria based on performance standards such as knowledge of the object, communication, problem solving, planning etc. The criteria usually vary by hierarchical level and reflect the culture of the business environment.

360 ° Assessment

Evaluation during which the appraised receive comments and opinions on the performance of the immediate supervisor, other supervisors, by their subordinates, colleagues of the same level and from internal or external customers and suppliers.

180° Assessment

Evaluation method in which the appraised receives through specially designed questionnaires, comments and opinions on the performance not only of the immediate supervisor but also by their subordinates.