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Executives research and selection

UPGRADE provides qualitative solutions for personnel finding and selection, which are distinguished for their objectivityWe considerthat the decision making, related to the personnel evaluation and selection, should be based on objective and quantifiable data, so asthe company’s team will consist of the most appropriate executives who will contribute to the growth and profitability.

The process of finding and selecting a candidate includes:

  • Personal meeting with the company-customer
  • Defining the candidate’s profile in cooperation with the firm
  • Searching for the candidate through the registered CVs of the company’s bank information
  • Compilation and listing of Adverts for personnel recruitment
  • Identifying the most suitable candidates and conducting personal interviews by expert evaluators
  • Designing of Criteria and weighting factors for each evaluated field
  • Conducting Psychometric Τest
  • Presenting to the company a list of three to five candidates along with their corresponding evaluation reports
  • Diligence of the hiring process of the new employee
  • Providing advice on human resource policy and labor law
  • Organizing training and education