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Human Resources Development

The new conditions and requirements, which are changing daily, along with innovation, flexibility and commitment to the objectives, require competent and qualified human personnel. The survival and development of enterprises depends on their ability to follow the developments and adapt to new conditions.

The development of human resources, which is achieved by constantly upgrading skills and knowledge and extends to lifelong learning for workers is a key factor for an economy, based on knowledge. Lifelong learning has become a prerequisite for the positive outlook of a business in today’s challenging and competitive conditions.

A prerequisite for this is the recruitment of the right people, their evaluation and the existence of educational programmes of employees, based on the specific needs of each business.



  1. Recruitment of appropriate staff through structured and transparent procedures.
  2. Evaluation of staff performance based on quantitative and qualitative criteria.
  3. Training staff on a regular basis, with contemporary practices and methods.