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Tourism Management

Seminal Goal:

The purpose of the module is to acquire knowledge and skills in the proper and efficient organization and management. On the one hand, the aim is to transform the general theory of effective management in practice, through the study and presentation of specific case studies, while the other will result in the conversion of existing experience into structured scientific “tanks” of taking administrative direction and strategic decisions.


Participatory process with experiential exercises and case analysis.


Entrepreneurs and managers of all kinds of tourism enterprises.

Program Summary:

  • Need for effective ‘management derive’ and administrative theory
  • The company as a field of Management Science
  • Planning – Scheduling
  • Motives or targets of the enterprise
  • Decision-making
  • Relations of power and delegation of responsibilities
  • Staffing
  • Management and Leadership
  • Motivation – Activation
  • Communication and Conflict Management
  • The function of the administrative control
  • Control techniques
  • The implementation of management in Hospitality Business
  • Categories and specifications (based EOT) of hotel units
  • Features of the hotel
  • Organization and hotel personnel
  • Description of the functions of the main sections
  • Hotels specific issues


Executives, Students, Enterprises