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Show me the Money

Seminal Goal:

The aim of the seminar is to understand the techniques and methods used by banks to assess the business from the financial information they provide, which must show continuity and consistency. Liquidity issues, the relationship between equity to foreign capital, profitability and efficiency and general solvency of the company are analyzed.


The correlation of each economic indicator and its interpretation are analyzed to the participants through specific examples, so at in the end of the seminar they can penetrate to the information and the hidden aspects of the balance sheet, and evaluate economic events and to use modern tools to assess the credit risk (credit scoring).


In executives and skilled employees in financial departments and those involved in operational or supervisory of a business and have relevant experience. Eg. Vendors, members of production, members of credit control, bank employees, freelancers etc.

Program Summary:

  • Methods and tools of financial analysis
  • Conceptual importance of financial ratios
  • Usage of ratios
  • Differentiation of ratios
  • Relation between property-funds
  • Liquidity – Creditworthiness – Performance – Productivity – Leverage
  • Sectors ratios
  • Limitations and difficulties in using ratios
  • The prediction of business bankruptcy and ratios
  • Detailed presentation of ratios
  • Modern methods of assessing credit risk
  • Case studies