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Sales in Time of Crisis

Seminal Goal:

The purpose of the seminar is to familiarize participants with sales techniques and with modern methods of sales development in times of economic crisis. The program of the seminar focuses on problem solving and on specific techniques and behaviors by which the seller can more effectively handle the sales process.


The seminar is laboratory and aims to develop personal skills.


This seminar is addressed to new sales and marketing executives, but also to those who are already employed in sales empirically and would like to thoroughly understand this unique business operation.

Program Summary:

  • The Role Of Sales
  • Global Economic Crisis
  • The present and the future of Greek Economy
  • The process of selling
  • Types of sale
  • Setting sales targets
  • Procedure of convincing sale
  • Modern forms of sales
  • Capacities of sales consultant in needs discovery, problem solving and presenting solutions
  • Stable cooperation relationships with customers, leading to repeated sales and recommendations to other buyers
  • Purchasing needs and expectations of every client
  • Addressing customer objections</li><li>Flexibility capacities in the implementation of sales