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Sales Development in Foreign Countries – Exports

Seminal Goal:

The purpose of the seminar is to understand the export process (Marketing research in foreign markets and export Marketing Plan)


At the seminar will be given standard budget templates, export organization, collecting contacts and finally a Marketing design pattern.


The seminar is addressed to business executives who are interested in gaining an overview of the basic concepts, principles and procedures applicable to Foreign Sales – Export.

Program Summary:

  • An Introduction to the export process
  • Basic economic concepts (comparative advantage, balance of payments, exchange rate system)
  • Basic trade concepts (Exports and International Marketing, National and International Marketing, Strategic and tactical Marketing)
  • Which problems are faced by the export companies and how we can minimize them (External problems, Internal problems, Operating problems, information problems)
  • Strategic and tactical issues that must be understood before the company decides to engage or not in International Marketing (In which countries will expand level of involvement, penetration methods, Marketing Program, Organizational model)
  • Marketing research in foreign markets
  • What information do I need to export to foreign countries?
  • Export Marketing Plan
  • How do we set goals / How we determine the strategy