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Professional presentations techniques

Seminal Goal:

The seminar aims to help individuals whose job requires regular presentations to cope successfully in their role. Participants ‘learn by doing’ and develop skills for effective presentation of their ideas in front of the public.


The program is laboratory and aims to develop personal skills. To achieve immediate results, participants will be invited to speak in front of an audience, while at the end of the seminar will be invited again to speak on a topic of their choice, but this time using the techniques they have learned.


The seminar aims at managers at all levels, who in the context of their duties make presentations to an audience (partners, clients, colleagues etc.) and wish to improve their skills.

Program Summary:

  • Forms of communication and presentation
  • Difficulties in presentations to a large audience
  • Design of the presentation according to the needs of their audience
  • Preparing presentation material
  • Methods of training and improvement of presentation
  • Conservation of the attention techniques
  • Speech, phraseology and ensuring effective communication
  • Usage of effective media presentations
  • Procedures of feedback and interactivity
  • Personal improvement plan