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Performance Management System Development

Seminal Goal:

The seminar will help HR executives in the development design of the staff and their integration into the culture of the business or organization. It also aims at supporting HR, the efforts of workers for better performance and the development of a model of motivation and rewards.


In the seminar, the individual needs of the company were analyzed and an implementation guide of the performance management system is formed. Then the evaluation forms and the rewards system are designed. There is a pilot run in the business and ​​the appropriate adjustments are made.


The seminar is addressed to Senior Officers and Executives of Business Organizations that deal with the recruitment as well as to the managers of the Human Resources Department and the Head Personnel Division.

Program Summary:

  • Performance Appraisal of employees
  • Support Systems of Performance
  • Work devices for better performance
  • Where are the support systems needed?
  • The Performance Management
  • Ιncentives and rewards
  • Labour justice