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Leader vs Manager

Seminal Goal:

The seminar has been designed in a way to help leaders create value and build strong teams with high performance. The program also aims to develop the skills of participants in both the design and implementation of the procedures related to the management of their staff and behavior in everyday level.


During the seminar, there will be an attempt to use self-assessment tools so as the behavior and skills of staff , which enable them to effectively handle situations, will become visible.


In middle and senior executives of companies and organizations.

Program Summary:

  • Project – Group – People – Requirements – Capacities – Actions
  • Characteristics of a Leader and a Manager
  • Needs of the Project, the Group of People
  • Group dynamics
  • The right man with the right person
  • The Leadership Style
  • >Handling Conflict
  • Motivation – Coaching – Development – Assignment
  • Understanding Human Behavior, inferiority-ambition
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Development of People
  • Assignment of tasks and responsibilities
  • Coaching
  • Drawing conclusion