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Improvement of teamwork

Seminal Goal:

Its goal is to develop team spirit, learn to cooperate effectively with other team members and develop communication and quality of cooperation to the fullest extent.


The participants, natural level groups, through exercises, assessment tools and team building, learn how to become a mature high performance team.


In the top management of a company.

Program Summary:

  • Understand the “dynamic of the group”
  • Clarify key concepts such as interdependence, objectives, processes, roles, synergy, achieving team goals
  • Develop a climate of cooperation, trust and open communication
  • Learn to rely on rules that design themselves as a team, so they are able to create their future
  • >Process the new value system, which will help the team to deal with new structures and environmental challenges
  • Create the foundation for the development of the corporate culture around a shared vision and a code of conduct
  • Understand the diference of each individual (within the tool HBDI) and how they can improve their communication.