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HR Management in Tourism

Seminal Goal:

The aim of the seminar is to impart knowledge on the subject area of human resource management of tourism enterprises and of clear particularities of the sector where the attitude and mood of the stuff is much more direct impact on the quality of work produced.


Development theory and case analysis as well as modeling for better guidance and evaluation of employee performance.


Entrepreneurs and managers of all kinds of tourism enterprises.

Program Summary:

  • Introductory concepts, the importance of human resources
  • Selection of personnel, systems and methods for evaluating and selecting
  • Training of personnel, training needs analysis, selection methods
  • Performance evaluation of staff, remuneration systems
  • Teamwork, cooperation and development of team spirit
  • Organizational culture and transmission to stuff
  • Improved morale and employee motivation
  • Ways to increase the labor productivity
  • Emotional intelligence, the ultimate competitive advantage
  • Behavior modification, “Do not fire your stuff, modify it”
  • Implement organizational changes. The trap of human resources


Executives, Students, Enterprises