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Efficient Budgets

Seminal Goal:

The economic survey of the annual budget, the implementation process and monitoring of deviations must be based on data reflected in the books of the company and not on off-balance sheet statements. It aims to documented and documented monitoring of the process of budget execution and decision making in a structured and comprehensive way.


Theoretical and practical training in the preparation of right and efficient balance sheets.


It aims at managers and executives in organizations and to enhance understanding of key financial figures of the company and to support the decision making.

Program Summary:

  • Company Model-Company Organization
  • Basic principles of the annual budget creation
  • Organizational structure of the company-Creation of cost centers (main-helper)
  • Costs distinction into fixed and variable
  • Employment rate of cost centers
  • Creation of accounts’ plan for budget monitoring-Content of accounts
  • Assembly of the corresponding accounts (practical model)
  • Design of information statements models of the company
  • Check of deviations of budget-report