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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Seminal Goal:

The seminar presents the importance, the implementation and the benefits arising from the use of CRM systems in modern enterprises. It also presents the advantages and the difficulties of implementing CRM systems and make a short presentation of the available systems in the market.


Lecture, examples presentation, practice and case analysis.


In business executives (Commercial Managers, Sales-Marketing Managers, IT Managers, Business Developers, Account Managers, Sales Executives, Business Consultants) who have the responsibility for maximizing their relationship with customers.

Program Summary:

  • Customer Relationship Management definition
  • What we can improve from these that we already do as a company
  • Surveys and data on the operation of CRM systems
  • Which business processes a CRM system covers
  • Relationship management with customers
  • Benefits of CRM applications
  • Presentation of CRM systems
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Control and guidance of sellers
  • After sale services
  • Making customer-oriented philosophy
  • When and why CRM projects fail
  • Choosing the right CRM
  • Case studies


Executives, Students, Enterprises