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Create a modern Web Site

Seminal Goal:

The training of participants in web design and basic functions. What is more the learning about the most popular web design programs.


Companies and individuals who want to engage in Web design and generally those involved with the Internet and e-commerce as well as students.

Program Summary:

  • Analysis of the content of the seminar
  • Glossary
  • Customizing the project environment
  • Fundamentals of Web Design
  • User’ s psychology while using the site
  • Target groups and design
  • Pallets and program objects
  • Fundamentals of Web
  • Open and Create HTML Files
  • Page properties. Color and color settings
  • Site Management
  • Word Processing
  • Create a Style
  • Images, Import and image management
  • Creating and Managing Associations
  • Destinations – Navigation Bar – Strategic Association
  • Creating, Configuring and Managing Tables
  • Creating, Configuring and Managing Form/li>
  • Libraries
  • Model pages
  • History list
  • Post of page


Executives, Students, Enterprises