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UPGRADE Consulting and Training offers its customers the service selection and evaluation of staff through quality solutions that are distinguished by their objectivity. We believe that the decisions related to the evaluation and selection of the personnel, must be based on objective and quantifiable data, in order to join the company team most appropriate strains will contribute to growth and profitability.

Service Goals UPGRADE Consulting and Training:

  • They help the body to identify and select the right people to staff positions of all administrative levels or other key executive or technical positions.
  • Help customers with the most efficient and economical way in all phases of the process, with the vast experience and deep knowledge of the Greek market that has the Upgrade Consulting and Training.
  • Ensure successful executive placements, with consistency and professionalism.

Methodology UPGRADE Consulting and Training:

The steps followed by Upgrade Consulting and Training when providing Search and Selection Services Officers are:

  • Meeting with the client that the counselor understand the philosophy, climate, organization and goals of the business and the post to be filled.
  •  Description and evaluation of the post cover, and define the key characteristics required by its holder.
  • Determination of specifications of the position and proposals for candidate search method.
  • Search candidates through personal interviews and then evaluating those with the agreed qualifications.
  • Submission of the list of nominees with detailed reports on the expertise and personal characteristics.

Continuous cooperation with the customer until the final receipt of the recruitment decision.

Benefits of using the UPGRADE Consulting and Training:

The Upgrade Consulting and Training ensures its customers the following significant advantages:

  • Deep knowledge of the labor market and wage levels.
  • Expertise in the analysis and design of administrative or non-employment, and the determination of the required qualifications for the effective coverage of each site works.
  • The ability to attract the most qualified candidates through effective visibility with specific entries in the press, the Internet and direct approach (headhunting).
  • Expertise in evaluating the candidates using the most reliable interview techniques and specific personality test intelligence, skills, etc., provided the latter agreed with the customer.
  • Control recommendations, cross-checking and assessing the views of previous employers candidates.
  • Absolute confidentiality, objectivity, consistency and compliance with the timetable.
  •  Saving customers time, because they will only deal with the most suitable candidates for the final selection.

The UPGRADE Consulting and Training ensures complete customer satisfaction

  • With deep knowledge of the Greek market
  • with more than 15 years of innovation and successful presence in almost all business sectors in Greece
  • with the experience of international practice (from the continuous development of effective international networks)
  • with highly qualified professionals, with expertise and sectoral experience in case needed

The staff assessment should form part of the culture of any modern business. The UPGRADE Consulting and Training, applying modern assessment system contributes to performance assessment and registration process or the performance of each employee in accordance with the requirements of the job and always guided by the strategic business options.

The employee evaluation is completed in two stages:

  • during recruitment tests to determine on which position is suitable for determination in person
  • during the work, after her appointment.