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Project planning

Knowing that no initiative can proceed efficiently without the preparedness of reliable studies, UPGRADE Consulting and Training supports the project planning for:

Strategic and operational purpose

Strategic Development Plans, Local Development Plans, Integrated Development Planning, Tourism Cultural and Social Development.

Investment and business plans

Business plan, Master Plan, Feasibility Studies – Sustainability Studies, Market Research, Feasibility studies for the inclusion in the Investment Law.

Human Resources Support

Integrated human resource development, local employment initiatives, support of specific social groups, labor market integration, Social – Demographic Characteristics Studies

Confrontation of environmental issues

Management Plans, Special Environmental Studies, Pre-Approval studies – Topology studies, Environmental Impact Studies.

Specialized studies

Costing study & Services assessment


The effective support of the project planning ensured by:

  • the full scientific relevance of the research team
  • the determination of strict criteria and high standards, harmonized with national and EU legislation
  • the service and correspondence of the study with the desired result
  • the effective contribution of the staff of the Employer
  • the on time delivery within the specified time limits.