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Project Management

The services in the field of Project Management are of the most dynamic fields of activities of UPGRADE Consulting and Training, which undertakes the completion of all phases of the project:

1.Design: performs the lay – out of the original proposal, the on site analysis and the preparation of the final programme.

2.Implementation: selects the appropriate implementation and monitoring system of the project in close collaboration with the Project Owner.

3.Control: provides ongoing evaluation and support throughout the project implementation ensuring maximum success.

The services in the field of Project Management cover the coordination and management of medium and large-scale projects, the management of multiple projects of a single goal and projects – subprojects.

The project management services ensure:

  • the implementation of the most modern methods of economic analysis, strategy, marketing, design and evaluation,
  • planning and goal setting based on the competitive environment and developing the comparative advantages of the Employer and also the ability to review their individual actions and corrective measures,
  • and most important, the completion of the project with the best relation among cost –time – quality