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Corporate Valuation Studies

UPGRADE Consulting and Training assumes Business Valuation Research elaboration on the basis of scientific tools & amp; methods, in order to inform the management of each company regarding the exact amount of the value of the business so that it can improve the long term.

The valuation of a company is by nature a complex process that requires market knowledge, analytical skills and critical ability. During periods of economic downturn, a company valuation attempts further hampered for several reasons.

Regardless of the scope of activity of a company, the assets of, the reputation or the dynamics, there is one factor that plays a very important role in determining the final value: The risk or otherwise business risk

The lower the risk of the company (with all other factors being equal), the higher the appraised value.

Valuing a business is required to make the acquisition of company shares or merger with another company. Often, the valuation is made for informing shareholders of a company.

The most commonly used ways / methods of business valuation are:

      • Based on forecast future cash flow of the business
      • Under the Market Indicators
      • Based Assets (Determination Equity business, the value of the company’s assets in case of liquidation)

The use of alternative methods of our valuation leads to more reliable conclusions. However, different methods will give us different results for the value of the same company. For these reasons, using different valuation methods, which define us a range within which it could find a value to support a transaction.