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Business Plans

UPGRADE Consulting and Training undertakes studies business plans in order to determine the business directions and strategic operational axes on which will move in the near future the company. Creating a business plan (business plan) is an important tool for the improvement of its performance. The purpose of the Business Plan is to analyze the current situation, the market and the enterprise, taking into account all the possible factors that can affect positively or negatively the growth and viability.

The main sections of the Strategic and Operational Planning include:

  • Analysis of the Current Situation
  • Analysis External and Internal Environment
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Vision and basic framework Strategy
  • Determining Strategic Goals
  • Formulation and Evaluation of Alternative Scenarios
  • Identification and analysis of individual Operational Objectives
  • Development Action Plans (Marketing, Production, Organization and Staffing, etc.)
  • Financial analysis
  • Timetable and implementation planning Business Plan to establish indicators for monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the actions

The business plan (Business Plan) aims to give specific answers to specific questions:

  1. How many years is expected to amortise the investment
  2. If and when the revenue will exceed operating expenses
  3. What is the ROI in 5 or 10 years and compared with alternative investments
  4. If you need to adjust the size of the unit that is faster or more performance
  5. If you need to adjust the initial assumptions for the tourist type addressed, the class of hotel or completeness of the services offered

It is necessary to:

  • Attracting capital to finance a business function
  • The allocation of capital within a business
  • Defining or redefining the strategy of a company the choice of the appropriate size for the company (right-sizing)
  • A functional assay and annual activity plan and the comparison criterion