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Upgrade your People

Seminal Goal:

The aim of the seminar is to learn to cooperate effectively with other team members and develop communication and quality of cooperation to the maximum extent


This seminar helps executives to:

  • clarify key concepts such as interdependence, objectives, procedures, roles, synergies, achieve group goals
  • develop a climate of cooperation, trust and open communication
  • They learn to rely on rules that design themselves as a team in order to be able to create their future
  • process the new value system that will help the team to face the new challenges of structures and environment
  • creating the foundations for the development of the culture of business around a common vision and a code of conduct
  • understand the diversity of each individual and how they can improve their communication.


All the executives and senior managers

Program Summary:

  • Analysis of the role of leader in the successful implementation of business strategy in times of change.
  • How energy workers in such times is diffused
  • Description perception types of personal loss and the characteristics of the response behavior in any change
  • Skills that help partners to adapt to change and to dedicate themselves to the business
  • Create the conditions that promote and support the changes and empower employees
  • Development of techniques for the institutionalization of aftoparakinisis workers
  • Understanding the “Dynamic Group”
  • Klima cooperation, trust and open communication
  • Modern Performance Management Systems with specific examples of companies