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Management and Function of a Restaurant

Seminal Goal:

The seminar’s goal is to help trainees acquire knowledge and skills on the various modes of presentation of the dishes. Get accustomed to the use of furniture, utensils and equipment of the restaurant.

Furthermore, trainees will understand the importance of full cooperation of the restaurant with the other parts of the hotel and especially the production departments.


Participatory process with experiential exercises and case analysis.


Workers in hotel restaurants and other restaurants.

Program Summary:

  • The restaurant section as a unit operator
  • Products and restaurant categories, whether they operate within hotels or they are individual companies
  • The restaurant staff and the choice of
  • The administering staff in secondaries
  • Equipment and Maintenance – Necessary equipment and tools
  • Preparation of the restaurant (mise en place)
  • The presentation of the dishes (international rules)
  • The performed work in secondaries
  • International terminology
  • Conditions for proper functioning
  • Special events meals
  • Organization forms