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“I sell but I do not collect”

Seminal Goal:

The Seminar aims to guide stakeholders in rational decision-making procedures and the precise definition of cash flows. It will also assess the risk of the open remainders in the market and the long period of recovery from customers.


The above estimates will be approached by using modern methods of economic evaluation and business and financial risk measurement.


The course aims at accounting managers, financial managers, sales managers, executives, entrepreneurs and those working from a position of responsibility with funding, such as bankers, Leasing and Factoring corporations.

Program Summary:

  • Purpose-important of credit analysis for our clients
  • Types of analysis – analysis steps of balance sheets
  • Sources and uses of funds
  • Cash flow chart
  • Identification of equity and permanent working capital
  • Ratios’ analysis
  • Financial balance of a business
  • Working capital – Liquidity
  • Operating leverage
  • Financial leverage
  • Cash flow