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Compile Integrated Marketing Plans

Seminal Goal:

The seminar aims to familiarize participants with the methodology and the tools needed to prepare and manage the implementation of an effective Marketing Plan.


Presentation of successful marketing plans, navigation to selected software for the implementation of a marketing plan, theoretical analysis and practical cases.


In managers and marketing executives, sales executives, sellers and promotional products services officers.

Program Summary:

  • What exactly an effective Marketing Plan should include
  • What information is needed, from what sources will be sought and what tools will be used in order to make the collection and processing of such information.
  • With what specific procedures and tools the Target Group will be determined
  • How it is achieved the growth strategy for the products, pricing, location (distribution channel and approach to client) using the new tools Strategy Map – Balanced Scorecard.
  • What actions should be designed for the Implementation of the Marketing Plan.
  • How we can measure the effectiveness of the Marketing Plan.
  • Methodology for the management support for the effective implementation of the Marketing Plan