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Development and promotion of exports

As domestic market is restricted continuously, many Greek companies are turning their interest abroad and trying to expand their business in foreign markets. UPGRADE provides integrated development and export promotion in businesses wanting for the first time to engage in the export sector or in those who wish to expand their existing export activities.

UPGRADE has  a comprehensive development programme abroad with the aim of the extroversion of Greek firms.

UPGRADE’s programme consists of 6 steps ,which are:

Step 1: Why to extract (Analysis of export incentives)

Step 2: Diagnosis of the export readiness level (Analysis of the current situation)

Step 3: What to export (Selection of product strategy)

Step 4: Where to export (Research and Selection of Foreign Markets, Business information for countries and industries)

Step 5: Export marketing (Export Marketing Plan)

Step 6: Creation of export business plan (Export Business Plan)


The specialized team of Upgrade consultants collaborates with local organizations and specialists from third countries, which enables it to:

  • indicate unconventional areas with excellent business case
  • provide authoritative information and full counseling
  • meet every need that will serve the goal of its customer
  • utilize the resources of the European Union towards the development of economic activities in these countries.