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Evaluation consulting

Evaluation consulting services is a new area of activity for UPGRADE Consulting and Training.

Services are provided in the form of internal assessment in each project, which is implemented – coordinated with the responsibility of our company as an essential component of the design – implementation – control process . The improvement of the quality of work produced and its multiplier effect are the main objectives of the evaluation process.

Although our principle is the development of a comprehensive evaluation system, tailored to the specific characteristics and needs of each project, we can assert that we have the following methodological principles :

  • Research and analysis (reality and needs)
  • Defining objectives
  • Development of the project planning using modern tools for an efficient management
  • Defining performance indicators
  • Testing the innovation / creation of innovative products
  • Final elaboration – promotion– spread

At the same time, UPGRADE Consulting and Training provides its evaluation consulting services to third parties, incoming dynamically in the field as an external evaluator. The external evaluation has a secondary character, is based on modern evaluation methods and concerns the multifaceted

  • Goal
  • Research
  • Hierarchy– programming
  • Implementation– monitoring
  • Evaluation
  • Readjustment of goals
  • Reschedule

and it is performed with the assistance of experts who are well aware of both the evaluation techniques and the workpiece in each case.