Marketing consulting services

UPGRADE Consulting and Training contributes to both the design and implementation of the Marketing strategy, guiding the successful enterprises in promoting their products and / or services and ensuring that consumers not only want but also they are willing to buy.

The services are categorizied:

Strategic Marketing Plans

Through the Strategic Marketing Plan , the company identifies the product and its market, analyzes alternative ways of distributing and promoting and shapes the pricing policy. The company is trying in this way to be able to achieve significant competitive advantage, by identifying, anticipating and satisfying successfully the needs of its customers. A Strategic Marketing Plan reflects the marketing strategy that must be followed by a company and includes:
1.Analysis of current situation (Product Analysis, Market Analysis, Competition Analysis, Macroenvironmental Analysis or PEST analysis and SWOT analysis), 2.Strategic Marketing Planning (Market Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning), 3.Marketing Policies and Practices (Product, Price, Distribution, Promotion and Communication through Promotion, Sales, Advertising and Public Relations), 4.Possible Scenarios (Forecast Scenarios, Alternatives and course of action for each scenario), 5. Budget, 6. Control

Analysis of Market, Competition, Consumer

A company must have good knowledge of its competition in order to achieve and maintain a competitive edge in selling products or services to the target market. The research and the identification of competitors ensures safer and easier decisions about the moves that must be made to achieve better results. It will also be aware of its position in the market and the various market segments and consumer needs.

Segmentation, targeting and positioning of the brand

The market segmentation includes the separation of the total market for a product or service with common characteristics and the choice of this or these target markets with the greatest opportunities. Targeting is made after the evaluation of each market segment based on the size, growth potential, the existing or potential competition, compatibility with the resources and objectives of the company. Positioning is the process of designing the corporate image, so as the product can win a special place in the minds of the target audience. The end result of positioning is the successful creation of a customer-centric value proposition and a particular reason for the target market to buy the product. This process leads to product differentiation from the competition.

Configuring Marketing mix

The method by which will the product sales are accomplised  is a mixture of technical actions and marketing data, the " marketing mix ". These 4 elements are product, price, place and promotion. Understanding the key elements of the marketing mix, helps the company in making decisions on where to focus its business efforts.

Outsourcing Marketing

As Outsourcing Marketing , we can define the assignments and services, which a business outsource to create added value. Outsourcing Marketing manages to increase the visibility of your business, profitability and staff productivity.

Brand Equity

Upgrade measures the value of branding and financial performance of an enterprise, through structured processes. In this way enable the company can understand the overall value of its brand name, as well as its dynamics .

PNL Analysis

This is the prediction of the expected outcome (profit and loss). It is based on the accounting principles and is the budget of a Marketing Plan.

Market research

Market research is any organized effort to collect information on the market and consumers. The market research studies the consumer habits in specific population groups, identifies unmet needs and it can also create new needs and aims to collect and process information related to the needs of a specific target market, its size, and also the competitive businesses that exist in a market.

Market research is an integral part of business strategy, as with the help of the market research, executives of a company can rely on it and solve their major strategic problems.