Executives' Education

UPGRADE offers advanced training to business executives, aiming to ensure measurable results in terms of renewal, improvement and updating of knowledge, skills and behavior of staff, taking into account the real educational needs, based on both the present and the future needs of any business. The Executives' Education is a great asset for a business in order to change attitudes and to develop personally and professionally its employees.

UPGRADE operates in the field of Executives' Education, professional expertise and personal development in order to increase the efficiency of the individual and therefore the efficiency of the business. 

The services of UPGRADE address to:

  • Companies
  • Organizations
  • Business Executives
  • Students


The methodology, that UPGRADE follows, based on diagnosis techniques of educational needs with the aim to:

  • be demonstrated the effective contribution of educational programmes to achieve business goals.
  • executives involved in the educational process to directly apply new knowledge to improve personal and corporate performance.


UPGRADE has a team of research assistants, with years of experience and an extensive academic background who can offer unique learning experiences and mentoring and guaranteed results in the training of managerial staff, creating skillful, informed and dynamic executives, able to cope with the constant evolution of modern business.